Darker Days Radio Episode #2

May 23, 2009

Mark and Vince discuss their own origin stories, and how they began with RPGs. Mark presents spooky news on the mysterious Secret Frequency. Mark reviews Vampire: the Dark Ages' Constantinople by Night. Vince talks about his plans for Dark Ages Inquisitor.

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Darker Days Radio Episode #1

May 15, 2009

Darker Days is a podcast for the World of Darkness.

Time: The show is broadcast bi-weekly. We record on a Wednesday night and post the show shortly afterwards.

Hosts: Your hosts are Mark and Vince.

Topics: We'll be covering both old and new versions of the setting. We'll also be giving coverage to the upcoming MMORPG World of Darkness Online. An additional feature is our "Spooky News" section, which finds the strangest news from around the globe and shows you how you can adapt this to the World of Darkness - either as story hooks or inspiration for your character.

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Contact: Email us at darkerdaysradio@gmail.com.

Up Now: Episode #0. Our teaser episode is a simple intro of what's to come on the show. The hosts break down the segments of the show.

Next: Episode #1. Our first full length episode comes out next week. Among other things, we'll be looking at the OWoD Dark Ages line and reviewing the classic Dark Ages product Constantinople by Night.