Darker Days Radio

#21: The Last Supper

January 1, 2011

Mike is joined by Adrian of the Mirage Arcana Podcast for the last Darker Days of 2010. The two discuss a lot of what's going on with the Wild Games Productions Radio Network and shed some light on the new White Wolf print and digital products. They discuss the North American Championship for VtES and the Grand Masquerade in general. Original World of Darkness: Adrian talks about his favorite Vampire supplement, The Last Supper. The hosts discuss the story's strengths and give tips on how to run it. New World of Darkness: Mike leads the discussion of how to use themes and concepts from The Last Supper for Promethean, Changeling, Hunter, and Geist - giving some love to the limited lines. Adrian also comes up with the idea of World of Darkness: Die Hard Edition. Darker Days is also looking for one or two more hosts, so if you're interested post in the Darker Days Episode 21 Thread here: http://www.wildgamesproductions.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=767 Skype: lost_heretic www.darkerdays.tk www.wildgamesproductions.com