#36: White Wolf Origins: Ragin’ Rich

June 27, 2012

Mike and Chris are joined by Rich Thomas, long time art director of White Wolf Publishing. After a brief mailbag, the crew discusses Victorian Lost, Kickstarter, and the latest information on Mummy: the [Moaning]. The secret frequency covers melon heads, a phenomenon showing up across the United States, each time with a different origin story. The episode finishes of with a lengthy Q&A, revealing Rich's own origin story, discussing art in Wraith, and pitching a number of listener questions. Remember, July 15th. Be sure to check us out at http://www.facebook.com/DarkerDaysRadio or our Posterous forum at http://darkerdaysradio.posterous.com/#!/. Be sure to subscribe through iTunes! Featured Books:

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Darkling #24: Chronicle Design Part 3

June 19, 2012

Fetch Chris is joined once more by James (Computer Games Designer and also previous member of Chris' gaming group) and Steve (See Darkling #21, #23 where Steve and Adrian share their retrospective on Vampire: the Dark Ages) for a series of Darklings that focus on chronicle design. In this third part they look at creating an intrigue for your chronicle, creating puzzles and clues, and the creation of NPCs. Be sure to check us out at http://www.facebook.com/DarkerDaysRadio or our Posterous forum at http://darkerdaysradio.posterous.com/#!/. Find us also on Google Plus, Twitter, and on http://www.wodnews.net  . Be sure to subscribe through iTunes! Also check out http://www.feartheboot.com/ for more general gaming advice (and more on the group template concept), and for something more off topic check out http://kickedinthedicebags.libsyn.com/ yEd graph program http://www.yworks.com/en/products_yed_about.html Chris's quick review of his Asus Transformer Tablet that gets a lot of use in gaming http://ethericlabs.posterous.com/review-asus-transformer-review-asustransforme 'Fetch' from Autumn Nightmares - Changeling the Lost, by http://one-vox.deviantart.com/ Peter Mohrbacher


Darkling #23: Morality in a Dark Age

June 7, 2012
Adrian (Boggan_Knight) and Steve (Verghast) explore the roads Vampires so frequently used to quell the beast during the Dark Age. They point out pitfalls storytellers should watch out for and offer advice on how to make morality a greater theme in your chronicle. Darkling #23 is the second in a series of Dark Ages podcasts, so stay tuned for more from Adrian, Steve, Chris, and Mike. Send any feedback or storytelling questions to miragearcana@gmail.com Be sure to check us out at http://www.facebook.com/DarkerDaysRadio or our Posterous forum at http://darkerdaysradio.posterous.com/#!/. Be sure to subscribe through iTunes! Our new domain name is http://darker-days.org