#36: White Wolf Origins: Ragin’ Rich

June 27, 2012

Mike and Chris are joined by Rich Thomas, long time art director of White Wolf Publishing. After a brief mailbag, the crew discusses Victorian Lost, Kickstarter, and the latest information on Mummy: the [Moaning]. The secret frequency covers melon heads, a phenomenon showing up across the United States, each time with a different origin story. The episode finishes of with a lengthy Q&A, revealing Rich's own origin story, discussing art in Wraith, and pitching a number of listener questions. Remember, July 15th. Be sure to check us out at http://www.facebook.com/DarkerDaysRadio or our Posterous forum at http://darkerdaysradio.posterous.com/#!/. Be sure to subscribe through iTunes! Featured Books:

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  • Laughing Hyena

    For not-so wonderful stories about Balt Salts, check out Nash’s/Dead Air Radio’s “WTFIWWY?” You can find it on Blip.TV or thatguywiththeglasses.com. Or the main site for it: http://www.radiodeadair.com/ Nash also had a recent story involving bath salts on his live show last week. And I think a lot of the more bizarre stories he has featured are fodder for WOD inspiration in the, “Reality is stranger than fiction.”, part to it.

    And apparently he was part of Mind Eye Theater Camarilla games, he has a whole video explaining what “Ghetto con: Chicago” was to other viewers as he made a passing reference to it in another video and viewers wanted to know.

    I don’t understand the hate that John Cobb gets, I love his work in Werewolf: the Apocalypse. Really great to hear all the old artists from W:tA 2nd ed. coming back. I remember e-mailing Brain LeBlanc back in the day for one of my graphic design classes. I’m also glad hearing the whole Q & A from Rich Thomas. Certainly about telling story in art: I often had the opposite problem in my art classes. Some of the other students or some teachers didn’t get what I was trying to do with my art: Tell a story as I had grew up on a lot of illustrative art. They were more comfortable with still life, landscape, or plein air paintings. Not to mention the trouble I had with my subject matter: Fantasy, animals, monsters, and werewolves. Or had trouble trying to explain it, as I usually felt the art explained itself to the viewer. I think the only classes where this wasn’t a problem was my printmaking, silkscreening, ceramics, graphic design, and sculpting classes.

    And yay, a return to fiction novels! The mention of the ice cream truck in the bloopers at the end reminded me there’s a Spirit Magath Enemy in Forsaken modeled on one “Rockies, I think”. And of course, the dreaded ghost ice cream truck in the video game, Toe Jam and Earl.

    Jul 1, 2012 at 4:49 am