Forgotten Lore #2

October 31, 2012

Forgotten Lore is a fan ezine developed by the Rogue Council, an enigmatic faction manipulating podcasts and storytellers through their covert transmissions. Issue #2 features two articles:

The Culter Mithras by Chris Handley introduces revised rules for the Blood Sorcery of the Cult of Mithras, following the rules introduced in 'Blood Sorcery'.

Joeseph Beckett provides us with a ready to use NPC, Father Philip, with rules for both cWoD and nWoD.

Please send any feedback on the Forgotten Lore to either or If you want to get involved with Forgotten Lore, stay tuned for future transmissions...

Content from this DLC supplements that found in 'Mythologies' and 'Blood Sorcery'

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